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Due to the fact I am out of the country, there will be no updated stats next week.  Just use the previous week stats and they will be updated the following week. Sorry for any inconvenience.   

All Leagues - Just follow the schedule. The missed weeks will be played at the end of the season. 

Straight Shots is not a drop spot.  If you leave your envelope there, you will be fined.

 Copper Schedule - was revised again 10/16, Tom Foolery has dropped and 1 fin & feather team was added.



Leagues started Monday 9/17/18.

**Sanction fee is $10 per player this year.**


You are only allowed to play on one team in each division.


Drop spots are Mortimer's Pub, Flappers and Network.


Team information can be sent to


Call Steve at 414-940-0811 with league QUESTIONS.    



OR CALL STEVE AT 414-940-0811.


Our league is now 4 nights a week, and seems to work well with all the players. Do you have players who complain about poor payouts and outdated rules? The GMA-BCA pays back 97% of the players monies to the prize fund. [read more]

The current season has started and with that comes a few changes and notices that we would like to share. To find out what is new, click here.

Also for those who have iPhones, check out the new iGMABCA site. Keep in mind that this is still in development. Currently, the downloads and sponsors sections are working. Watch for the rest in a few days.

Find your downloadable tournament brackets here We have 16 player, 32 player and 64 player brackets available for your tournament needs.3

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